AI-Powered, Fully-Automated Bot Management


First-of-its-kind intelligent digital labor solution Robotinuum improves scalability and cuts costs as it monitors, maintains, and remediates bots autonomously, no human intervention required

About Robotinuum

Did you know that every bot has 12 potential points of failure? That means that an enterprise with just 200 bots could have as many as 2,400 points of failure at any given time.  As enterprises begin to scale their RPA initiatives, bot management can become very challenging. Enterprises are forced to respond by hiring more RPA support staff which reduces the benefit of automation in the first place.

Robotinuum is the first of its kind AI-powered Software-as-a-Service that manages the complexity of scaling “RPA Bots” by monitoring, discovering and fixing failures automatically. Robotinuum is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software platform that combines an AI reasoning engine with RPA specific ontology to manage RPA bots. Robotinuum drastically improves bot availability by proactively remediating faults, many times before the user knows they have an issue.

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Robotinuum Benefits

Drastically Improves Bot Availability

Proactively remediating faults across 12 single points of failure for an average RPA Bot

Minimizes Costly Loss of Productivity

By reducing RPA support costs by quickly pinpointing the root cause of RPA Bot failures

Reduces RPA Related Service Desk Traffic

By eliminating technology faults and tickets requiring IT expert intervention

Unique Business Model AI Software-as-a-Service

No training, integration or implementation costs

Robotinuum Key Features

RPA SupportBOT

AI powered Support bot that manages the situational operating state data on each RPA end-point configuration

  • Performance & Fault Detection
  • Remediation

BOT Management SupportSPACE

Innovative bot-centric user interface for bot owners, bot managers and bot administrator roles designed to simplify enrollment, monitoring and management of RPA bots, devices, operating systems, applications and credentials

RPA Specific Ontology

Ontology created specifically for RPA diagnostic, remediation and support use cases. Advanced data model that takes into account static graph data and dynamic data separately to create an RPA specific ontology that can “reason”

AI Reasoning Engine

Beyond machine learning, AI reasoning engine is powerful and versatile. It can manage and adapt to constantly changing environments and complex situations

AI Service

The Robotinuum Artificial Intelligence Service is an integral component of the framework and our subscription model which includes:

  • Maintenance of the knowledge pool
  • Configuration of atomic elements of diagnostic and remediation knowledge
  • Management of the static and dynamic device and software data required

AI Software-as-a-Service

Unique model that delivers automation technology as a service

  • No AI training costs
  • No software acquisition
  • No implementation costs
  • No integration required

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