Innovative AIOps Platform

Enabling Intelligent Automation of IT Infrastructure Management

About Opstinuum

Opstinuum is an AI powered, cloud-based platform that enables the Intelligent Automation of IT infrastructure management. The platform manages infrastructure devices and enterprise software, enhancing availability across synchronously connected technologies. Opstinuum is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that combines an AI Machine Reasoning powered automation engine providing a complete Automation as a Service framework for IT infrastructure and application management.

This unique combination of technology delivers Intelligent Automation directly to infrastructure devices in a fashion that emulates the diagnostic and remediation methods of a human IT support expert. In contrast to classical IT automation tools, which are dependent on declarative run-books or scripts, Opstinuum dynamically selects and sequences solutions, applying the “Next Best Action” depending on the situational data associated with an issue.

Opstinuum Benefits

Lower Operations Costs

Operations costs are significantly reduced by leveraging digital labor and AIOps

High availability of Enterprise Infrastructure

With proactive and instantaneous remediation capabilities, overall downtime is dramatically reduced

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

AIOps-as-a-Service eliminates, capital expenses for software, and costs for AI training and maintenance

Ease of Adoption with Value Enrichment

Enables your existing management technologies to leverage AI capabilities for enhanced performance

Opstinuum Key Features


  • AI capability that integrates most 3rd party monitoring tools across all of your devices and software with our AI platform
  • Integration framework that integrates with most ITSM tools
  • Supports incident, request, change & configuration management processes
  • A unique “Action Handler” is employed to perform automation actions and translate data exchanges

AIOps Service

The Opstinuum Artificial Intelligence Service is an integral component of the framework and our subscription model which includes:

  • Maintenance of the Knowledge repository
  • Configuration of atomic elements of diagnostics and remediation knowledge
  • Management of the static and dynamic device and software data required

IT Specific Ontology

A semantic ontology created specifically for IT. Advanced data model that takes into account static graph data and dynamic data separately to create an IT specific ontology that can power “machine reasoning”

AIOps Reasoning Engine

Beyond machine learning, AI Reasoning engine is powerful and versatile. It can manage and adapt to constantly changing environments and complex situations


Unique model that delivers automation technology as a service

  • No AI training costs
  • No software acquisition
  • No implementation costs
  • No integration required

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