Only AIOps solution that can diagnose AND REMEDIATE Business Application faults

Apptinuum Platform Features

End-user SupportSPACE

Chatbot that delivers personalized white glove service to each End-user

  • Knows who you are
  • Knows what you use
  • Predicts your issues
  • Solves issues proactively

End-point SupportBOT

AI powered SupportBOT that integrates laptop, desktop, mobile or IOT with AI platform

  • Configuration
  • Performance & Fault Detection
  • Remediation

AI Reasoning Engine

Beyond machine learning, AI Reasoning engine is powerful and versatile. It can manage and adapt to constantly changing devices and complex situations

IT Specific Ontology

Ontology created specifically for IT. Advanced data model that takes into account static graph data and dynamic data separately to create an IT specific ontology that can power “AI Reasoning”

Cutting-Edge Data Security

  • UKDe-identification of critical data (company, user & device)
  • Innovative technology that doesn’t use traditional device identification between the SupportBOT and the AI reasoning engine

AI Automation-as-a-Service

Unique model that delivers automation technology as a service:

  • No AI training costs
  • No software acquisition
  • No implementation costs
  • No Rip & Replace required

Transforming End-User Service And Support

The current support model doesn’t provide a good user experience, is not scalable and is completely inefficient.

“The ability to use new technologies to actually deliver the remediation, not tell an end-user how to do it, has become a reality today.”                           

                                                                         Sam Gross, CEO & Chief Product Officer

Download the transcript of an expert roundtable on Providing IT Service without Human Intervention.