Apptinuum delivers personalized white glove service to End-users while reducing labor costs by 40%-70%.

Reduce Labor Costs

Apptinuum reduces labor costs by 40-70% by using digital labor and proactive fault remediation features. Unlike most automation tools on the market, Apptinuum does not just mimic the reactive human process to solve tickets but actually detects issues proactively and solves them automatically without any human intervention.

Significantly Improve End-user Experience

No longer do users have to log a ticket, get on a call with support and go through the long and painful process of troubleshooting IT issues with a support agent. Apptinuum proactively solves their problems digitally, many times even before they log a ticket – in as little as 30 seconds.

Reduce Inbound Traffic

As Apptinuum detects most IT support issues automatically, the volume & velocity of faults and tickets reduced significantly. IT support personnel can now focus on providing great customer service on the most difficult issues versus solving common issues that can be solved automatically.

Unique AI Automation-as-a-Service

Apptinuum enterprise customers can leverage its unique AI Automation-as-a-Service model quickly. Apptinuum does not require any replacement of systems, integration with existing systems, implementation costs, or AI training costs.

Transforming End-User Service And Support

The current support model doesn’t provide a good user experience, is not scalable and is completely inefficient.

“The ability to use new technologies to actually deliver the remediation, not tell an end-user how to do it, has become a reality today.”                           

                                                                         Sam Gross, CEO & Chief Product Officer

Download the transcript of an expert roundtable on Providing IT Service without Human Intervention.