AI-Fueled RPA Management Solution Monitors, Maintains, and Remediates Bots

First-of-its-kind digital labor solution proactively remediates issues across the RPA ecosystem for true end-to-end hyperautomation, cutting costs and increasing productivity

Fully-Automated Service Desk Solution Proactively Remediates

AI-Fueled digital labor solution proactively monitors and remediates IT service desk and endpoint issues,

no human intervention required

UIPath Partnership

ChoiceWORX Partners With UiPath To Optimize RPA Management 

ChoiceWORX is excited to announce a new partnership with UiPath, a leading RPA vendor, as part of their Technology Alliance Partners program. Our AI-powered bot management solution is now featured in UiPath’s Immersion Lab to showcase its unique capabilities that enable labor savings, increased productivity, and improved scalability.

Our Solutions

Advanced AI platform that enables Intelligent Automation of End-user Support and Device Management

First AI platform that manages Robotic Automation (RPA) environments across the endpoint, application and infrastructure layers

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News and Events

December 03, 2020 

How to Avoid this RPA Pitfall: Wasting Valuable Resources to Support Bots

Learn how to avoid this RPA pitfall during this virtual roundtable with Michael Engel, Paul Pinto, Frank Casale and moderator Daniel Goodstein. Join us to learn the top seven reasons bots fail, and how to leverage the latest AI solutions to manage bots.

October 21, 2020 

The Autonomous Service Desk: Powered by Next Gen AI

Join us as Sam Gross, Co-founder and CEO, ChoiceWORX, David Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer, SDI, and Daniel Goodstein, President of IRPA AI & Digital Enterprise Institute, discuss automation of the service desk and significantly reducing labor costs. Click here to watch on demand.

September 16, 2020 

Scaling in the Hyperautomation Era

Learn how to maximize your RPA efforts by watching our latest webinar, available for free on demand

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